My name is Carlo Senten, I’am Senten-Images

Passionate and pure photographer for already more than 15 years. Where my core business was for many years in Historic Racing. Senten-Images was co-founder of an online auto sport magazine Retro Racing Magazine and already for several years the media Partner for raceseries as Masters Historic Racing, Super Sixties by NKHTGT and YTCC and events like the Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort and Estoril Classics.

Nowadays Senten-Images not only photograph but also films and makes drone footage for their clients. And is Senten-Images a part of the ITV crew for a tv production. To coach and support the candidates for “het Perfecte Plaatje”

Custom made workshops, individual training in a studio or on another location is also a possibility.


Feel the Passion and enjoy the difference.